Get Around

Since Naxos is the largest island in the Cyclades there is a wide variety of easy and safe transportation options to get around.


Most of its wonderful beaches can easily be accessed by the islands excellent transportation. Buses leave from the end of the ferry quay; timetables are posted outside the bus information office which is diagonally left and across the road from the bus stop. You have to buy tickets from the office or from the machine outside (not from the bus driver). The bus terminal is right after the pier and the head office is hosted in a small cute building with the sign “ΚΤΕΛ ΝΑΞΟΥ” i.e. BUS OFFICE in english, written on its blue tent.

Chora is connected with several villages and beaches all over Naxos. Some of the major bus stops are Agios Prokopios, Apollonas, Halki, Filoti, Koronos and Tripodes. During high season bus itineraries are more frequent in order to assist as many visitors as possible, but competition for seats can be fierce so get to the station well ahead of time.

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With a car, quad bike or motorcycle you can explore the natural beauties of Naxos at your own pace and gain access to the most secluded spots. While the road network on the island is good, keep in mind that some places might be difficult to access because of track or dirt roads.

There are several car rental companies on Naxos but due to limited cars it is best to book one in advance.

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There are tons of taxis on the island, especially around the port, the airport, at central spots of the Chora (Naxos town) and at the most popular tourist areas. Taxi cars on Naxos are silver with a yellow “TAXI” sign on top. You can easily hail a taxi from the street or book it by calling one of the following numbers: 0030 22850 25835 or 0030 22850 24829. Alternatively, you can book your taxi online.


There is no better way to explore a place than touring around it with the help of well-trained, experienced, local guides! Choose the tour that appeals to you the most, visit the most breathtaking spots of Naxos and create wonderful memories that will last for a lifetime!

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Take a boat/sailing trip and explore the spectacular coast of the island or explore a nearby island like Koufounisia, Mykonos or Santorini. Many daily sea cruises or private trips on are on offer but advanced booking is highly recommended as they sell out rapidly. We have chosen our favourites which you can book in advance HERE


There is a small port in the southeastern part of the island, Volakas (before Panermos Bay) from which a water taxi departs for day trips to Koufonisia island, but they can only be reserved ahead of time. You can call the following number for more information: 22850 71438


For cycling fans there are some exceptional routes in a network of quiet dirt and country roads and small roads which cover the entire island. The coastal road along the south western shores, from Agia Anna to Kastraki is a good choice, while for the bolder cyclists there is the route from Sangri to Agiassos. There are also some picturesque routes in the mountainous areas of Naxos for those who want to stretch them­selves to the limit.


Naxos draws outdoor enthusiasts, and there are many traditional footpaths to follow between villages, churches and other sights. If you like hiking, it would be a shame to leave the island without having explored its trekking opportunities. The beautiful landscape of Naxos and the numerous water springs and historical monuments scattered across the island make it worthwhile for you to bring along your hiking shoes.

With its altitude and rich flora and fauna, Mount Zas (Zeus) is a highlight of the island and is popular with hikers and birdwatchers. When walking the slopes of Mount Zas do not miss the opportunity to visit the Cave of Zas located on the western side of the mountain at the altitude of 600 metres. This is the summit on which Zeus was raised during his youth. The hike to the summit is relatively short but can be steep and challenging in certain spots. All the effort needed to get to the top is worth it, the breathtaking views are amazing and unmatched in the Cyclades.

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