Agios Prokopios beach

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  • Derek Dee

    We reached Ag. Prokopios beach on our second day in the island, around mid day on July 5th 2021. It was quite busy at that time and a bit hard to find a place to get the car parked.
    The beach is beautiful, however it was occupied by umbrellas and seats at high density. We had to walk to the sides of the beach to find some free space.

    On the positive side, the colours of the sea are fantastic and your feet get this nice feel of the rich sand walking across the seaside.

  • Chef Miranda

    Ok, this beach was flawless! We went at about 11:00 in early July. First, we park and there is a beautiful pink salt lake that started at the edge of the parking area. I saw a review mention that it sometimes smells bad, but it did not smell at all. We grabbed a bite to eat at a restaurant right on the beach and reserved some of their beach chairs. The water was crystal clear turquoise, and the sand was great. Not windy. It was just amazing. It was our favorite beach ever. Though there was a heat wave, the beach did not start getting busy until about 1:00 or so. Highly recommend! So beautiful! The colors in my photos have not been enhanced.

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